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The BMW Chop


Customising BMWs - does it work? This book, the first of its kind solely devoted to the BMW custom bike scene, proves it does! Features stunning images of customised BMW singles, twins and fours from contributors around the globe, many complemented by owner's stories and technical descriptions.




BMW Café Racers


BMW is a marque not commonly associated with the café racer scene. The growing trend of custom BMW café conversions is illustrated in detail with enticing images of sporting, racing, and ‘caféd’ BMWs. From Airheads to Oilheads, modified singles to parallel twins, Fours and Concept 6s – see the ‘caféd’ side of BMW.




The Italian Chop


The one and only book about the Italian motorcycle-based chopper, bobber, trike and quad custom bike scene. This is a great book for Italian bike fans, and fans of the custom bike scene in general.




The Nippon Chop

Enter the world of customised Japanese motorcycles and be surprised what can be turned into chopper, bobber, trikes and quads, based on bikes from the land of the rising sun.




The Brit Chop

Brit Chops? Bring it on! Many books have been written about British bikes and their racing history, but no one has devoted an entire book solely to the British-only custom motorcycle, and its chopper, cruiser, bobber and trike scene ... until now..






Italian Café Racers


Coming from a nation with a great motorcycle racing heritage, Italian motorcycles have, unsurprisingly, always had a sporting flair. This book lifts the lid on the growing trend of custom Italian café conversions, illustrated in detail with stunning images of select sporting, racing, and caféd Italian motorcycles




Italienische Gespanne (Meaning Italian sidecars)

1. Dieses Buch ist eine illustrierte Zelebrierung italienischer Motorradgespanne, in einem enzyklopädischen Stil. Es ist das erste deutsche Buch über italienische Gespanne, welches eine Lücke in der Motorrad-Literatur füllt und richtet sich an Gespannliebhaber sowie Italo Fans, seien solche Gespanne von Privat, Motorradläden oder vom Hersteller kommend. 


2. This German publication presents an illustrated overview of Italian powered sidecars, ranging from early period examples to rigs from marques not commonly associated with the sidecar. 

Modern existing Italian brands with a third wheel pitch themselves alongside period footage from Gilera's sidecar glory days.  

Classic Italian superbikes from the 70s and 80s in sidecar guise are also included, so are current classic racing efforts or Italian scooter outfits, vintage or modern.




 Verleger / Publisher: Reisebuchverlag Kastanienhof, Deutschland / Germany



British Café Racers


Style, speed and passion combine for an eclectic journey into the world of the British cafe racer. My latest book - the first dedicated to the British cafe racer scene - is a celebration of all things fast from Britain, a definitive overview of the cafed British motorcycle, from single-cylinder to four-cylinder variants, and going well beyond the parallel Triton twin.


Featuring a truly stunning variety of British motorcycle engine based cafe racers, from the UK and beyond, and complemented by owners' stories and technical descriptions, this book presents the eye candy of the British cafe racer world ... come and see the cafed side of Britain! 


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